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 Black Ops: Declassified Under Fire by Vita Fans

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PostSubject: Black Ops: Declassified Under Fire by Vita Fans   Fri Aug 17, 2012 12:51 am

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Call of Duty, yeah we all know that game. The game that breaks records and is a yearly game is finally going portable in a big way. Black Ops: Declassified is a new PS Vita game that was announced back in E3’12, promising a true Call of Duty experience on the go. Well, GamesCom 2012 is here and at Sony’s press conference they decided to end it with a bang, if you’d like to call it that by revealing the first gameplay footage of the Vita version in action. In case you missed it, here’s the reveal trailer:

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So what did you think of it? Awesome right?!……. Sorta? I mean it’s Call of Duty that many expected to be on the Vita just not quite like this.
It seems that Dan Amrich (OneofSwords) took on the likes of giving the pleasure of showing people the debut trailer over on the PlayStation Blog. The overall reaction, wasn’t pretty. Just by reading the comments many were startled to find out that Nihilistic Software (the team behind Resistance: Burning Skies which received mediocre scores) were the ones developing this portable version of Call of Duty. It seems fair enough to make sense as to why they’re developing it since they made the first FPS on Vita so far and have experience on how to make it work. Even with that being said commenters weren’t happy and were filled with rage and disgust at how Nihilistic Software is the developer.

Some comments such as:
“I was happy for this untill i saw the bad graphics on this trailer”
“But seriously Nihilistic Software ?, We all know that Resistance Burning Skies didn’t turn out as expected. But now they’re are developing another FPS game for the Vita ? Don’t you think they’re not fit for the job ?
Clearly the game doesn’t look impressive ( graphically ) and the sound is horrific Resistance BS had the same problem too.
COD is a huge title which can move a lot of Vita units, Sony be careful with this game.”
To even having someone make a long comment with the criticism of the graphics and the feel for the game:
“Before you blow me off as some CoD hater, Dan, know that i really am not. I like the CoD games, i thought MW3 was a bit weak, but Blops was awesome and Blops 2 looks just as good, i already have it pre ordered and if there was another 150€ Limited Edition for it, i’d no doubt get it just like i did for MW2 & Blops.

This? …Surely you’re joking. Look at those visuals, there are 1 Euro iPhone games that look better, and of course its from Nihilistic Software, the discount devs. Now i’m always willing to give the benefit of the doubt, maybe Burning Skies was blip, maybe this will be awesome, but those visuals are outrageously poor compared to other Vita games.
And in the end it all boils down to how Activision treats their Playstation CoD fans, these visuals and the choice of dev seem like another slap to our faces. I got all of the CoD games on 360, but now i’m sick of paying to play a ridiculously small amount of games online so i’m getting Blops 2 on PS3, now the question is will i be able to play it online? See, from what i’ve heard not only was Blops an inferior port, but the online component was broken and MW3 didnt fair much better. So how will Blops 2 run?”

And while reading the responses made by Dan, he’s a tough man who can handle the heat from all the negativity Black Ops: Declassified has been getting so far after its announcement and I salute him.
While many don’t like it, I for one am interested in seeing this Vita version see the light of day but just like the others, am kind of worried to how it’s going to perform once it reaches our hands.

What do you think of it? Tell us in the comment’s below about your views with Black Ops on Vita.


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Black Ops: Declassified Under Fire by Vita Fans

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