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 Metal Gear Solid 5 image surfaces

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PostSubject: Metal Gear Solid 5 image surfaces   Mon Jul 30, 2012 3:01 pm

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Metal Gear Solid 5

A recent Image surfaced at San Diego Comic Con related to Hideo Kojima’s next project, which many believe to be MGS5 that is currently codenamed Project OGRE. Konami and Kojima Productions have both been contacted in the hope of discovering more information about MGS5.

This year marked the 25th anniversary of Metal Gear and Kojima revealed during an interview with French Magazine IG that MGS5 would use Kojima productions proprietary Fox engine and that Snake could make a triumphant return. Kojima said, “we have not finished with Solid Snake yet, despite the fact I wanted to let him die at the end of Guns of the Patriots.” The interview also revealed that Metal gear solid 5 would be more of an infiltration game this time round resembling that found in Deus Ex and primarily consist of infiltration, espionage and convincing people to help you. Kojima appears to be taking this approach because of inspiration taken from Deus Ex Human Revolution in its social interaction.

To celebrate Metal gear’s 25th anniversary Kojima will be holding an anniversary party event on August 30th where Konami will make an announcement about the Metal Gear series. There’s a high possibility the announcement may be related to MGS 5 and Kojima’s next project. Kojima production hasn’t really confirmed or denied whether the image is real or fake as Konami UK tweeted “Fake or real, we love a bit of speculation! #ogre #mgs5″. Konami UK’s twitter account later called the images fake by saying “Seriously, just in case the ‪#pinch ‪#salt hashtags weren’t enough – the chap who claims to have set up the fake rumours has been in touch.” Their UK twitter account might say the images are fake but Konami themselves are yet to confirm or deny whether the images are fake when reached out for comment.

These images add to the fact that project OGRE could be MGS5. The MGS5 logo discovered doesn’t have the series usual Tactical Espionage Action tagline but instead uses Open Ground Reconnaissance Endeavor could this be what project OGRE stands for?

The images fake or not only add to all the MGS5 hype leaving more questions than answers. August 30 is just little over a month by which time we will hopefully find out exactly what Project OGRE entails.


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Metal Gear Solid 5 image surfaces

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