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 Fix for NAT Type moderate or strict

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PostSubject: Fix for NAT Type moderate or strict    Thu Jul 26, 2012 1:52 am

Part 1: Switch to manual IP settings
Before opening ports on your network hardware, you need to get the IP settings from your computer and then use those IP settings on your Xbox 360 console.

To get your computer’s IP settings
1.On your computer, click Start, type cmd, and then press ENTER.

Note If you’re using Windows XP, click Start, click Run, type cmd, and then press ENTER.

2.At the prompt, type ipconfig, and then press ENTER.
3.Find your network connection (for example, look for something called "Local Area Connection" or "Wireless Network Connection"). Write down the numbers for the following items:
•IPv4 address (or IP address)
•Subnet mask
•Default gateway

4.Make up a unique IP address for your Xbox 360 console, and write it down. A simple way to do this is to add 10 to the last number of your computer’s default gateway address. For example, if your computer’s address is, use for your console’s unique IP address.
Note Each IP address on your network must be unique.

Now you need to set your console’s IP settings.

To set your Xbox 360 console’s IP settings
1.On your console, go to My Xbox, and then select System Settings.
2.Select Network Settings.
3.Select Wired Network or the name of your wireless network (if you are prompted to do so).
4.Select Configure Network.
5.On the Basic Settings tab, select IP Settings.
6.Select Manual.
7.Select IP Address.
8.Enter the unique IP address that you made up, and then select Done.
9.Select Subnet Mask, enter your computer’s subnet mask, and then select Done.
10.Select Gateway, enter your computer’s default gateway, and then select Done.
11.Select Done.
12.Press B on your controller, and then test your connection again.
Part 2: Open ports on your router or gateway
Next, open ports on your router or gateway so that your network hardware can communicate with the Xbox LIVE servers.

To open ports on your router or gateway
1.Start your web browser.
2.In the Address bar, type the default IP address for your router or gateway, and then press ENTER.

Here are the default IP addresses for a few router and gateway manufacturers.

Manufacturer Default IP address
Linksys by Cisco

If your manufacturer is not listed above, refer to your documentation or your hardware manufacturer's website for help finding the default IP address.

3.Type your user name and password (for your router or gateway), and then click OK.

Note If you do not know the default user name and password, refer to your hardware manufacturer’s documentation.

4.Once you are logged in, you should see your router or gateway's configuration page.
5.Open the following ports:
•Port 88 (UDP)
•Port 3074 (UDP and TCP)
•Port 53 (UDP and TCP)
•Port 80 (TCP)
A resource that might help you open ports on your router is [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]. Click the following link and then find your router:


[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]
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Fix for NAT Type moderate or strict

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